Get started: how to open an account and see the Weibo site in English

The first essential: sign up using Google Chrome

Because Chrome detects the language of the site you are on and asks if you’d like it translated

Click a button and you get Weibo in English, and you can instruct Chrome to translate all pages it finds in Chinese (it's actually in simplified Han) into English.

That works most of the time. Occasionally the server stops translating and shows an error message, but keep clicking and it’ll come right.

The translations are a little mystifying at times, but good enough for you to follow the instructions on the site.

An American doctor in China, Richard Saint Cyr, has blogged guides to signing up for an account, and for switching your iPhone version to English. The Chrome tip is his.

Signing up for an account

Should you sign up on the web or via the app?

Richard says it’s easiest to go first to the website and create a new account, then download the Weibo app to your iPhone and  log in to it via the email and password you have already set up. The hardest part is registering if you don’t know Chinese, so:

Step 1: Go To On the right side of their screen is a big green button which you should click on. That's illustrated in Richard's grab which you see above, at the top of this post.

Registering a new account. The site says you can get a confirmation via mobile phone or by email but, overseas, only email is accepted.

If you have the Google Chrome translator in action, you can see the instructions in English, as seen in the next image from Richard:

One possible problem: in translation, the Verification code may not appear. If that happens, go out of translation when you get to that bit, enter the code and hit the big green Enter button.

You'll get a confirmation email, with verification instructions that will confirm your new Weibo account.

Getting the mobile app

I actually signed up on the iPhone app and later signed in to the static website. But Richard suggests it’s best to open your account on the web, then get the app onto our phone.

He says:This part is easy for anyone who has an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. Just go to your app store, search for “Weibo” and download the official app from Sina (it’s probably listed in Chinese; their official app download page is here). When you open it for the first time, you have to enter your email address (the top field) and then your password (the second field), and then hit the left button."

To get it in English on the iPhone

Richard says: “click on the “More” icon in the lower right corner of the app, then click on the “Settings” icon just at the top; then click on the “Language” icon in the middle; hit “English” and you’re done!”

Here's what those screens look like in Chinese and English, from Penn Olson:

I can get as far as clicking on Settings,  but can’t find the language button Richard refers to. I've DM-ed him to ask what I'm doing wrong, but had no response so far.

If I find a fix, or if you have one, let me know and I'll amend this post.

UPDATE: Here's a youTube video that explains the sign up process

Next: two options

An English translation of all Weibo's main features (if you want to explore all you can do with it)


Using and customsing Weibo (if you'd rather fill in your profile, find followers and design your pages first)


Weibo English Signup Page - how to get to it

There is an easier way. See this Youtube video on how to get the English signup page. It is tricky as you need to be able to read Chinese to get to it. J

Weibo in English

Hello! Thanks for a brilliant learning experience with the book and website. The Weibo app for iPhone has recently been updated, and now it will automatically recognise that you want an English interface. I've just signed up and managed to post a few photos and follow a few users. Good luck! Mark.
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